Asbestos Sampling Methods

Asbestos Sampling Methods

Chrysotile Steam Pipe Insulation

Asbestos is a collection of six natural minerals identified by name that have a fibrous habit and have been associated with a specific set of health problems including asbestosis and mesothelioma. It excludes many fibrous natural minerals that may be equally as hazardous but not as frequently encountered. Testing for asbestos is a must to determine if what is in your home, work or school is potentially hazardous to your health.

Below are the Asbestos Sampling Methods we recommend.

It is important to follow the instruction provided and use safety gear for your safety.

Friable Material 

Attic Insulation

Textured (Popcorn) Ceiling

Paper Sample

Pipe Insulation

Joint Compound

Non-Friable Material 

Floor Samples

Heat Shield



Roof Material