Analytical Services FAQ


What is friable and non-friable ? 

Friable material can be crumbled by hand, and poses a high inhalation risk when tampered with.

Examples include: acoustic ceiling tile, popcorn ceiling, joint compound, and paper insulation. 

Non-Friable material is a hard or plastic like material that has asbestos fibers within it’s matrix, making it less likely for the fibers to be released into the air. These materials are usually broken down chemically making the analysis more involved.

Examples include: vinyl/ tile flooring, cement, gaskets, masonite siding, roofing material, and packing material. 

Are you accredited? 

Yes, we are tested every 3 months by the AIHA. Our accreditation number is 178987.


Why the frosted 3m magic tape? 

We use the frosted 3m magic tape because we can completely dissolve the cellulose ester backing leaving the adhesive and particles intact on the slide. We then use a mounting media that matches the adhesives refractive index which leaves a clear mount. This allows us to completely utilize the PLM (polarized light microscope) and properly identify every particle in any field.