Particle Identification Analysis

Particle identification analysis of your environment can be beneficial in finding out what may be causing you problems. The most common dust particles in homes are clothing fiber, skin flakes, and paper fiber. These all appear as “white dust”. The relative contribution of each of these three will vary depending on the size of the home, the number of people in the space, and the habits of the individuals in that space. Fungal debris often enters the home with pollen and other outdoor plant material. It is a problem if growing indoors and indicates a moisture control issue. There are in excess of one hundred types of mites that may live in the home. Most of these generate powerful allergens. Combustion products include soot from candles, smoking, fireplaces, leaking furnaces, wood stoves, vehicle emissions, cooking emissions, house fires, backyard burning, etc. These particles can be indicators of serious carbon monoxide exposure issues in the home. Construction debris may be from the original construction or from remodeling. In either case, if not done properly it can be a source of irritants in the home that may persist for years. Find out whats in your indoor environment that may be of concern for you or your family.


Human Skin Flakes

Mites In Home

Mites In Home

Particle Identification Analysis

Degraded Paper Fiber


Tapelifts: Particles collected from surfaces in the environment are the best indication of environmental quality because they provide history as well as current condition. The history extends back to the last cleaning of the surface sampled. We give a full forensic analysis of the environment from which the sample is taken. Each particle has a story to tell and we piece that information together by using assemblage analysis thru a polarized light microscope. The report is an accurate assessment of the environment in question. The samples are stored and permanently mounted, allowing us to retrieve and reassess any questions or concerns that you may have.


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Standard Results Include:

  • List of Particles in your environment
  • Identification and discussion of particles responsible for health complaints
  • Not just particle counts
  • One on one consultation
  • How to control and minimize exposure
  • Solutions



Indoor Air Quality Sample Analysis

Tapelift Analysis (Qualitative)*………….Four Weeks $360.00 (set of three tapelifts)

Expedited (One Week) $560.00

Fluid Samples for Particle Identification………………$360.00

Free Particle Identification……………………………….$360.00

Particle Size Distribution …………………………………$360.00

*Each tapelift analysis includes three separate tapelifts from same homologous area (i.e. three from a home. More details on sampling technique click here.) Sample Lab Report.